Guy With a Funny Name And Sound Advice

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Sound Financial Advice

Sound Financial Advice

Financial Truth From a Guy with a Funny Name

Every person wants to achieve financial stability. They want to be free from debts and other financial worries once they reach retirement age, as they would rather do the things they love the most rather than stress out on these finance-related problems.

To do this, they often enlist the help of financial advisors, people who are experienced and well-versed in the field of business and finance. Their knowledge is very valuable, especially for people wanting to gain financial stability. They have the “secrets” that can help people get rich, even in today’s weakening economy.

Or that is what they want people to believe…

Mike Finley, or as he calls himself, “The Crazy Man in a Pink Wig”, does not believe that financial advisors hold the key to financial stability. Mike also states that these so-called experts in finance do not intend to help clients with their financial problems. Rather, they help them because they get money out of them, earning far more than their clients.

But would people believe someone who is called “The Crazy Man in a Pink Wig”?

In an interview by Bloomer Boomer, Mike tells Andy Asher, Editor-in-Chief of Bloomer Boomer, about the reasons why he distrusts financial advisors, as well as the reason why he named himself that way.

At the young age of 25, Mike learned the importance of gaining financial stability. He read books about money and finance, as well as saving money every month, for example by switching energy supplier using Money Expert. By the age of 45, he was able to become a millionaire, all without needing help from financial advisors. In the interview, he stresses that people don’t need the help of financial advisors to get rich. Rather, it’s getting rid of one problem that proves to be troubling for many people – materialism. And to do that, he says, they need to distance themselves from stuff they don’t need, such as extravagant cars and houses. Once they are able to do that, they can finally get on to the road to financial stability.

Contrary to what most financial advisors and experts advise, Mike suggests that people should invest in both stocks and bonds. If the stock price goes up, withdraw money from the stock fund and if the bond price goes up, withdraw money from the bond fund. Doing this he says can give people enough money enough for them to live off retirement in luxury.

Lastly, Mike says that people should be wary of the financial industry. Instead of handing over your money to them, educate yourself and do things your own way. He suggests that people walk a different path, a path that is not usually taken towards financial success. Financial experts may call people who do this strange or crazy, but that is what Mike learned during his lifetime, and it made him rich.

“I am known as the “Crazy Man in the Pink Wig” for a reason. I want people to know that you’re gonna have to walk a different path, a path that’s right for you. And if that makes you a little bit strange or odd or even crazy, then so be it, because that’s the path that’s gonna take you to a place of financial happiness”, says Mike.

A full transcript of Andy’s interview with Mike Finley can be read at Bloomer Boomer’s website at

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