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Grandparents Legacy Plans

More Grandparents using 529 Plans to put their legacy in place By James Norman The current generation of Grandparents is not only living very active lifestyles in retirement, they are happily [...]

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Elder Law

Elder Law Attorney Andy: Well, today’s guest comes with a really unique back ground. Her name is Buckley Fricker. And she is an attorney, and she has a background in state law and state planning, [...]

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Grandkids and Grandparents – The Sandwich Generation

Sandwich Generation’s Guide to Eldercare During your midlife years, you are likely to encounter one of the problems commonly found on that particular age group – taking care of your elderly [...]

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Grandparents Kicking In For College

Regina Louise helps people plan and pay for college.  She spoke to Bloomer Boomer and here is the transcript. Andy Asher: So is it possible this year that kids won’t be seeing as many [...]

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Should You Move To Live Near Your Grandchildren?

When I became a grandma ten years ago, I wished I didn't have to drive two hours to see my granddaughter. Whenever I visited, my daughter showed me the latest house for sale in her neighborhood. But [...]

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Pew Study: One In 10 Grandchildren Lives With Grandparents

Call it a residual from the recession, but in 2011, 7.7 million children -- one in 10 -- were living in the same household as one of their grandparents -- and in most cases it was the grandparent's [...]

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