First Cannabis Tablets

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Idrasil Publishes First White Paper On Cannabis Therapy In Over A Decade

First Cannabis Tablets

C3 International, Inc., manufacturer of Idrasil™, the first natural cannabis tablet on the market, has published a white paper revisiting the effects of cannabis-based therapy on migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and other treatment-resistant conditions.

Idrasil, a 25mg tablet, is the first all-natural, standardized and consistent nutraceutical that is derived 100% from cannabis. Unlike any other cannabinoid product, such as Marinol or Dronabinol, Idrasil is pharmaceutical grade and is prescribed by a doctor. The formulation for titration is six milligrams for every 100lbs of weight, per six hours, minimizing possible psychoactive effects and ensuring proper dosage.

Funded by GW Pharmaceuticals in partnership with Bayer for the distribution of a cannabis-based mouth spray (Sativex) for the purpose of treating Multiple Sclerosis, GW Senior Medical Advisor, Ethan B. Russo, M.D., published a white paper ( studying the concept of endocannabinoid deficiencies in relation to conditions such as migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and other treatment-resistant conditions. In addition, the paper proposed to study the possible benefits of cannabis therapy on alleviating the symptoms of these conditions.

Revisiting this study a decade later, Doctors Steele C. Smith and Mark S. Wagner, medical advisors for C3, have revisited Dr. Russos work with the updated review article “Clinical EndoCannabinoid Deficiency (CECD) Revisited after 10 Years:”, determining that patients suffering from neuro-physiological conditions often suffer from endocannabinoid deficiencies, which have been shown to be alleviated by cannabinoid therapies. “We are pleased that after more than three-quarters of a century, our profession is finally able to explain and utilize the true physiology of cannabis and its role in fighting disease,” said Dr. Smith.

While actual clinical trials are yet to be completed, hampered by the current classification of cannabis as a prohibitive Schedule 1 substance, there is undeniable evidence to support the correlation of endocannabinoids in patients suffering from neuro-physiological conditions and the alleviation of pain or other symptoms related to these conditions by cannabis. Furthermore, the study goes on to correlate endocannabinoid deficiencies and psychiatric disorders including anxiety, major depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Exciting work is being done to explore developmental disorders, including the elusive autism spectrum disorder. What has yet to be scientifically determined is the best remedy for the National distribution of cannabinoid treatment. Using a proprietary combination of Indica cannabis strains, Idrasil has proven effective in its ability to administer a measured dose of cannabis to patients leaving out the guess work and potential error in self-dosing.

It is estimated that there are over 31,000,000 patients in the State of California with acute medical conditions that are treatable by Idrasil including acute or chronic pain, nausea, sleep disorder, anxiety, depression, ADHD, epilepsy, and multiple-sclerosis. Of those 31,000,000, less than .001% have been properly diagnosed and/or treated.




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