The Stepmoms’ Club to help navigate those murky waters

In this episode of “Boomer TV: Embrace Age, Empower Dreams Embrace Life,” Andy Asher, editor of visits with KENDALL ROSE. Written by stepmom for stepmoms, THE STEPMOMS’ CLUB is full of takeaways and checklists to help navigate these murky waters. Staying ahead of the financial and legal agreements means less fights and more peace.

KENDALL ROSE* has had a long career as a business executive in the financial services industry. She and her family reside in the Midwest—where she is also able to follow her passion for horseback riding and her volunteer work in equine-assisted therapy. She is an accomplished public speaker who has been a featured guest and provided commentary about blended family legal and financial challenges, and solutions to leading media outlets such as: TODAY, CBS Radio, The Jenny McCarthy Show, New York Post and more.