Sarina Prabasi – One Women’s Fight to Save Water

In this episode of Boomer TV: Embrace Life, Empower Dreams, Embrace Age, Andy Asher, editor of talks to Sarina Prabasi.

A one-woman force behind a movement to providing the most basic of human needs “Water”. Sarina is CEO of Water Aid America with a mission to provide water to the poor and impoverished people of the world. She is an accomplished, adventurous woman who has been a leader, founder, and entrepreneur involved in lots of fascinating endeavors. Now she is at a career point in life when many of us are looking at the possibility of heading into a new direction or asking really fundamental questions about what’s next for us. She graduated high school in Kathmandu, Nepal, worked in Ethiopia…and co-founder of a coffee company. Listen to what she says about what her group is doing for some of the most desperate people in the world.