Yvonne Graber Creator Inventor

The Creation of TravelEyez

It all started years ago when getting ready to travel. I would pack at least four pairs of reading
glasses, along with at least two pairs of sunglasses. I would pack different color pairs of glasses
to coordinate with my jewelry and outfits.

In hoping that my glasses did not get lost within my suitcase, I was cautiously packing them up
in a drawstring bag and tucking them away. This task became my inspiration to create
TravelEyez. I needed something to hold multiple pairs of glasses that would not be cumbersome,
would be easily accessible, and could be added to as needed. Then I discovered it was great for
holding my cell phone, jewelry, medicines, and when at the beach my husband’s watch – and so
much more! My son & daughter love to attach TravelEyez on their kids’ strollers and diaper
bags. My girlfriends use TravelEyez on their tennis and gym bags. The husbands use TravelEyez

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