Dental Health: Tipping Point for Baby Boomers – Dental Coverage Solution

Dr. Michael Tischler

Poor dental health is a major issue for baby boomers. Many are on a fixed income, with little or no dental insurance coverage, and Medicare does not cover dental. For the lucky few who do have dental insurance, most find that they’re only covered for routine cleanings and are not covered by the procedures they need to save their teeth.

After the age of 50, many people find themselves at a tipping point where it can make more sense to stop paying money year after year on root canals and repairing failing dental work, and instead invest in a more permanent dental solution.

As a nationally recognized leader in the dental implant field, he experienced first-hand that dental implant technology simply wasn’t working. He developed a 21st Century alternative to dentures that has been life-changing to many of his patients.

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