Blood Pressure Down: An Apostle of the Mediterranean Diet

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Sometimes it is easier to believe in miracle cures…food supplements and medical breakthroughs than simple proven formula’s for healthy living.  Author and nutrition expert Janet Brill, Ph.D., adheres to the simple formula.  “There is no medicine more powerful or supplement more effective in promoting health and longevity than the combination of good nutrition and daily exercise.” Along with that, she is a huge proponent of the Mediterranean diet.

She has just published her latest book, Blood Pressure Down.

Her overall message is that most Americans will die from cardio vascular disease – either heart attack or stroke.   She emphasizes that these are preventable diseases and they can be treated.  She adds that for people over 50,  knowing that these are, hands down, the leading causes of death, and with a healthy lifestyle you  can actually treat and prevent your premature mortality.  “I think the important message is to start now to take control of your health and to do everything that you can because your lifestyle can easily prevent early death from heart attack and stroke,” she says.

Her message is unfailingly simple.  Lifestyle is always the first strategy, first line of defense. You can pop all the pills in the world, but you won’t live a long life unless you live the lifestyle as well and walk the walk.  And even if you are in your 70’s, studies have shown that even if you have not lived a heart healthy life, it’s not too late.

One of Janet Brill’s prescriptions for healthy living is devoting yourself to the Mediterranean lifestyle.  It can actually prolong life by many, many years, says Brill.  So, it’s never too late for a change to a heart healthy lifestyle.

The Mediterranean diet benefits allow you to really truly enjoy food and the good things in life. It’s a plant based diet,  but includes fish.   It’s a lot of fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, and legumes, and olive oil, and even dark chocolate and red wine.  So, it’s a nice way and pleasant way of living. It’s easy to follow. The food tastes great and it’s as good as it gets for the really scientifically proven method of prolonging life and treating and preventing heart disease.

The Mediterranean diet has not only been scientifically proven, it really is the best optimal diet in terms of longevity. It also is so much easier to follow and so much better than unpalatable diets that are being promoted by a lot of cardiologists that actually prohibit extra virgin olive oil, and nuts, and avocados and all those really beautiful heart healthy products that make The Mediterranean diet so easy to follow.

“That’s what I love about of this Mediterranean way of eating – the food tastes great. So as I say a little dark chocolate and red wine, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, fresh fish off the boat, you know that’s not deprivation.”




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