Your Age Is Whatever You Want It To Be

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“Age is not important unless you’re a cheese.” – Helen Hayes

It seems that age is the new “whatever you want it to be.” Fifty is the new 40, or is it 30? Lately, every time I hear someone’s age, it’s one number followed by a lower one. When it comes to our age, how we feel is more important than how chronologically old we are.

Our spirit has no age. It’s our energy, our essence, our life force; and that can’t be determined by how long we’ve lived, but more by how we’ve allowed ourselves to be affected by it.

For some people, life has worn them down, and it’s their energy that reflects a sense of age more than their years. For others, no matter what cards they’ve been dealt, they spring back: their resilience and attitude makes them more vibrant, and they seem even younger.

State of Mind

Yes, age is a state of mind, but we determine what we want that state to be, and we can keep deciding it, and adjusting, with every passing year. If your spirit is of someone younger than you are, then wear it proudly by how you act. That doesn’t mean you’re not acting your age,  it means that your age can’t be pinpointed because you appear ageless — and this agelessness comes from within. No matter what you do to maintain a youthful appearance on the outside, your age will be defined by something more than that. The spirit radiates from within, and if we’re happy and positive, our energy will reflect it.

Here are 6 tips to keep your age a state of mind:

  1. Don’t Limit What You Say “Yes” To

    Don’t say “no” to things you think you have to be a certain age to do. Harriette  Thompson, the oldest woman to run a marathon, was 92.

    2. Do Something You’ve Always Wanted To But Haven’t

    Now is the time to take that painting or sculpting class you’ve thought about, or learn how to play the piano if you’ve always imagined doing one day. The beauty of getting older is you don’t have to apologize for who you are, and that means trying something without caring what people think.

    3. Get Physical

    Who said doing yoga or learning ballroom dancing required that you had to be a certain age? If you fantasize doing some of those moves you’ve seen on Dancing With The Stars, or would like to master a yoga posture, give it a try. You have nothing to lose.

    4. Share Your Story

    By a certain age, you’ve lived a few things, and what you’ve experienced might be really interesting or relatable to people. Consider writing an article about something you’ve been through and learned from, or even a book. Whether memoir or fiction, it would make for a good read. If you don’t trust your writing skills, take a class. There might be a very talented writer in you waiting to come out!

    5. Learn Something That’s Intimidating

    Some people think they’re too old to learn a new language, or feel that computers and gadgets are for young people. You might not become fluent in a language, or beat your kid at a computer game, but keeping your mind active will definitely improve and sharpen your mental ability, which everyone can use no matter how old you are.

    6. Choose Happiness

    No matter what you do, keep your happiness alive and vibrant by choosing things that support it, and surround yourself with people that accept your boundless spirit, and allow you to shine.

    Remember, happiness has no age. It is our most natural state of being. Wear it well, and keep people guessing how old you are.

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Ora Nadrich is a certified Life Coach, certified Mindfulness Meditation teacher, and author of Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change The Way You Think Forever. Her unique, practical method helps her clients attain hapOpiness and fulfillment by teaching them to look inward and connect to their authentic selves in order to reach their goals. Visit



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