An Accomplished Boomer – But More Ahead

| April 21, 2014 | 0 Comments | Email This Post Email This Post is beginning a series of interviews that focuses on life over 55. We want to talk about what engages or impassions you about life.  Is it a job, vocation, hobby, family member? Sometimes the perception of aging or retirement is a life without engagement. We want to focus on folks who have a passion and an engagement about what they do.

The idea behind this series is to have a discussion about transitions from one major life experience to another.  As consumers we rarely hear about the discipline and struggle required to make a transition and we think this might shed some light on it.

So I think our first interview sets the tone for this series…she is a mom…she has balanced a career with life…made the most of what she could to this point…and today…well we will let Nancy Shenker pick up from here.  You can learn more about Nancy at

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