5 Must-Have Gadgets for Healthy Travels

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Summer travels are at its peak, and while getaways can offer much-needed relaxation or adventure, they can also pose major health and safety risks — Exposure to new cuisines and environments while being away from our usual doctors can be a dangerous combination.

However, today’s technology affords us the peace of mind to be able to travel abroad while having the ability to monitor crucial health vitals and alleviate many aches and pains.


Check out these helpful health gadgets that should be on every packing list to help ensure good health while traveling:

  1. Kardia Mobile

This small smartphone attachment takes a 30-second EKG (heart rhythm reading) anytime, anywhere. Unsure if chest pain is from margarita-induced heartburn or something much more serious? This gadget will let you know ASAP if you need to detour to the local ER or can continue on with your itinerary stress-free.

  1. Omron Wrist Monitor

Just because it’s vacation, that unfortunately doesn’t mean you can forget about your crucial health vitals. This portable wrist monitor allows you to check your blood pressure anywhere, anytime and still get the precise readings you need.

  1. Verseo Wand

If you ever find yourself getting overheated at an amusement park, or pull a muscle on the hiking trail, this portable heating and cooling wand goes from 43° to 104° with the touch of a button. Weary travelers can have a digital hot or cold pack instantly to relieve muscle aches, reduce migraines and prevent overheating.

  1. iHealth Smart Glucometer

This portable, personal diabetes data management device and app helps track blood sugar levels on the go as well as share results with doctors from afar so that you can savor new dishes without worry.

  1. SteriPEN Water Purifier

This pen-sized gadget takes the worry out of drinking local water — no matter where your travels take you. The easy-to-use device uses ultraviolet light to make water safe to drink (the same technology that is used by major bottled water manufacturers).


Never hesitate to travel — Just travel wisely with the right tools that will protect your health and safety abroad.



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