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Facebook Live, YouTube Live Recorded Programs

Every Wednesday, 11a.m. CDT, Bloomer Boomer produces a live program with live discussions.  These shows are  converted into podcasts and repurposed material for social media and blogs.  It provides extensive vertical integration for many audiences and enhances Google searches.  Many articles posted on Bloomer Boomer rank on the top of search engine queries.

Several Show Outlets

We stream live on Facebook Youtube and  Bloomer Boomer. We vertically integrate on iTunesTwitter and live streaming services.  We can  accommodate prerecorded conversation as an option that are dropped into the live feed.  This is aa weekly sequence of Wednesday’s at 11am Central Time for later expansion beyond the one show a per week schedule.  Meanwhile the best news is the technical infrastructure is in place for awesome programs that will be good for you, the audience and community. 

More Content

 We are boosting original articles and refocusing curated material for our growing email list, which means if you have articles, even press releases angled toward the +50 audience, without being salesy and pushy, we will make every effort to post it, give it full SEO treatment, provide artwork if necessary and send it out through social media.  By the way, over the years Bloomer Boomer articles have  gotten top placement on Google by virtue of its strong organic search attributes.


Since all shows are on Wednesday 11am CDT, we ask you be available in a 30 minute time window from the top to the bottom of the hour where we will take you live within the show. Your connection is via Skype.  We will need to exchange Skype user names and a good phone where you will be at the time of your appearance.  You will find us on Skype at: andpanda27.  For last minute questions or concerns, the office number is 316-927-2289

 Content Goes A Long Way

You will also benefit by our vertical audience reach achieved through repurposed content on Instagram, Pinterest, website articles, iTunes podcasts and you can really boost awareness on your end with backlinks to Bloomer Boomer and liking, linking and following us with your social media accounts pointed at BB.  


 Any questions? [email protected]  I look forward to hearing from you.  Let me know what works best for you and we can move forward with further details and scheduling.  

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