Article Guidelines

We Have A Fondness for Writers

We seek-out and encourage writers to submit articles.    All articles should include some action items or take-aways.  Listicle articles are acceptable but they should be prefaced with background paragraphs and set-up.


We like articles at a minimum of 500 words.  Since BloomerBoomer is a multi-media site so strong images and videos are encouraged.  It is important to provide a head shot, supporting assets,  media kit, related articles and compelling images. 

Editorially Speaking 

Please make sure the lead paragraph references our audience.  That is people over 50, baby boomers, etc.  As much as possible keep the body of the piece focused on our audience. Please avoid obvious product plugs.   A product mention is okay as it flows with the tone of the piece.  If you represent a particular product or service  we think the best practice is devote a separate paragraph at the end.  We also request you place your bio or connections with a particular service or product at the same location, when appropriate.

Content Marketing  

Articles with the broadest appeal will get the most predominance but in the world of search engines, if the article is unique and informative, readers will find it, as BloomerBoomer is highly optimized for Internet search. BloomerBoomer uses robust content marketing tools, coupled with search engine optimization (SEO) so you can rest assured your unique content will get discovered. With content there are a number of other elements in reference to SEO, most import of which are keywords.


Unless you specify otherwise, we use our discretion for minor edits.   The edits are based on how we perceive our audience and the best words to engage them.  We  emphasize specific keywords so edits might be executed to make your article have more widespread appeal.   


Use links for supporting information and verifications   We reserve the right to delink.  Two or three links are permissible.   

Social Media

Growth and public awareness today is so dependent on social media presence, so we would very much appreciate it if you to liked us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.  We promise to reciprocate. 

Again, we are very pleased you are interested in collaborating with us.  If there are areas you see for expansion, please contact us in the email bel,ow.  We are passionate about what we do.

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